Dee Bradley Baker reciting some of his lines as Tarrlok from The Legend of Korra

I was sitting outside the exhibition hall of Comic Con in my equalist cosplay next to a large group of cosplayers also portraying characters from the Avatar universe. Suddenly, a man who looked quite familiar approached all of us and said, “Hello, I’m Dee Bradley Baker and I-” before he even got to finish his introduction, I was off the floor, digging through my bag for paper, a sharpie, and my trusty Nikon. I knew exactly who he was. Only one of the coolest voice actors EVER. So, I handed him my paper and asked for an autograph and then handed him my signed Korra and A:TLA posters for autograph as well. I took a few pictures with him, and then, being the greedy little girl that I am, I asked him to recite any lines he could remember as Tarrlok. He was so humble and happy to do this for me, some crazy fan girl he’d never seen before and probably would never see again, that my respect for him soared. He smiled and laughed and signed more posters for other fans of his work. Then, when all the hubbub and craziness dwindled down, he gave us all one last wave, a few Pabu squeaks, and exited the lobby, blending in to the sea of people; one man who no one outside recognized as being one of the most talented VA’s of his time.

He was such a regular guy, unpolluted by his fame and talent. He was so kind and inspirational and truly got excited when he saw us fans of the show; HE walked up to US and gave an introduction. 

This was and will remain one of the coolest interactions I’ve ever had with someone of such fame and talent.

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    Amazing story and I LOVE this man, he is my idol as I pursue this career
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