so i just watched the serpent’s pass, and got to the part where aang sees the newborn baby and starts crying

can you imagine how he reacted when kya, bumi, and tenzin were born?…

No this is too good for tags ok because Gaang Family Feels deserve actual posting

Each time Katara is in labor, and after the baby is born, the first person Aang calls is Zuko. Zuko is extremely invested in helping Aang keep the Air Nomad culture alive, to make up for the past Firelords’ mistakes, and as a personal apology-type-deal with Aang. And when Kya and Bumi are born, after getting the basic details, Zuko says, “do you think…?” And Aang just sighs and says, “We’ll see.”

When Tenzin is born, Aang hopes. Zuko does too. And when Tenzin first starts airbending Aang manages to dry his tears long enough to remember shit I need to tell Zuko. He calls him up first and breaks the news and Zuko cries. Like, ACTUALLY CRIES and Aang is like “you’re the godfather” and Zuko is like “I AM GOING TO UNCLE THE FUCK OUT OF THIS CHILD OK!!” and they’re like screaming at each other over the phone in excitement long after everybody else has calmed down lmao.

In short Zuko is the biggest Kataang shipper ever because he loves Katara and Aang so much and seeing them have a family makes him want to write 60+ chapters long fanfic about it.


Uncle Zuzu~

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