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I really wish I could comment on the OP because half of this is BULLSHIT. I thought we were past the witch-hunt on fake geeks? And what’s with the generalization that if you wear what this person deems “skimpy” that you’re not a good cosplayer, don’t know how to cosplay, etc.? Sure, showing more skin gets more attention, but that’s something that’s happening outside of the cosplay community as well.

What REALLY gets me is his back handed comment to the Cosplay =/= Consent movement which is actually very important and not only relevant to cosplay but the real world as well. Just because someone(girls specifically, since he seems to be targeting them above anyone else) dresses in a revealing costume it DOES NOT mean they’re doing it for attention and it DOES NOT mean they are bad fans and it CERTAINLY DOESN’T MEAN that they want to be hit on and harassed.

While I do agree that the cosplay community has gotten a bit out of hand with chasing fame, I don’t think it’s right to blame very specific people for it. Nor do I think it’s cool to be a hipster douche as the OP has made themselves out to be.
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