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Today I entertained myself by sketching some Disney ladies in swimwear. :D I’m actually very happy with all of them.


edit— 3/21

this got popular really quick… but there were still a few characters that I wanted to add that I was too tired to do originally. Also, changed Snow’s design slightly because I was having issues with the original before…

Before anyone asks, I will not be making anymore characters. There are 24 here. That’s plenty.

And if you have something to say about the body types here, please read here before you say something that’s already been said and discussed to death.

Alright, I’m out. PEACE. <3




Posters from the signing today! And look, older GAang!


I like how they threw Tenzin in awkwardly with the Korra gang. Tenzin, what are you doing there? You’re like 40. Get home to your hyperactive airbending children. 

He’s actually, like, 52, and he’s badass enough to be hanging with these crazy young’ns! xD

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