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Only 9 more episodes… and I’m caught up with the One Piece anime…. omg… @__@


you ever say something and immediately you just…

fang-wombat said: Been awake for like 5 minutes. Get on tumblr. First thing I see is your springles porn. Was not prepared D:

shhh shhhhh it’s ok soon you will grow and learn to anticipate it and enjoy it. All will be well, my friend~

aznsavvy replied to your post: I’m so hungry and would total…

first world problems.

but I don’t have any ready to eat food. I have to actually make something.

that’s gotta be at least, like, second world problems

Two hours after I posted that shooped poster with Suki, someone copied and reposted it on their tumblr.


No. :/

Caucasians Protest Johnny Depp’s Latest ‘Whiteface’ Role

As Dark Shadows hits theaters, Johnny Depp is in serious hot water with America’s white people for playing yet one more character in complete ‘whiteface.’ Representatives for CAUCS (the Caucasians Against Undermining Caucasians Society) are outraged at what they see as Depp’s complete insensitivity towards their/his race.

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