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I seriously can’t with people sometimes. I give up. There’s no arguing with this kind of dense.

Too lazy to block out names. It’s just me, my sister, and our cousin mostly. >_<

What’s great about when I get in these moods is that I stop giving fucks what people think of me on facebook. Calling people out on all kinds of shit and this one guy I pretty much call out for being a pretentious douche on a friends’ status sends me a friend request like, dude are you that stupid that you didn’t detect that I was mocking you? Shit.

yes facebook, tell me how a video showing live baby chicks get ground up in a shredder doesn’t violate your video policies on graphic content, I’d love to hear your reasons.

Some people DON’T want to see that while scrolling through their news feed, especially since you’ve enabled videos to play automatically.

I learned something new today, and so did my facebook friends. lol

I learned something new today, and so did my facebook friends. lol










Why I hate going on Facebook.

Yeah, rape culture doesn’t exist…

Feel free to publicly expose these guys. They’re all potential rapists and accomplices as far as I’m concerned.

fuck all of these fuckers

"The main cause of rape is women saying no" and "women not doing as they’re told" has me legitimately frightened. But all of these people are garbage.

"Snuggle struggle lol" i feel sick.

This is disgusting. The point is, women aren’t asking for it. They’re saying no. So suck it up. Rape is in no way something to be bragging about and it doesn’t make you more manly. Fuck you. 

Sons of bitches

dat manger table, tho

dat manger table, tho

going through fb&#8217;s year in review for my profile and I just

going through fb’s year in review for my profile and I just

let’s talk about rape culture and how affects even the dumbest shit



As some of you know, a post I made a few months ago has been viral for the last couple weeks, and as it usually happens with viral posts on tumblr, it ended up on Facebook, on a very nice page called Welcome to the Internet.

I could sit here and complain how a post I made that was meant to be only for the enjoyment of the very few followers I had at the time went viral and put me on the spotlight, specially since said post has a selfie on it (and a very unflattering one too) but this whole thing isn’t even about my privacy being completely violated.

However, I decided to report the post. I reported it and emailed Facebook about when when I received no answer and got absolute nothing back from them. The same happened with another page, Silly Likes, which also published my post. At first this was about me trying to avoid an awful situation in which my in real life friends found my blog, which is heavily charged with anime and just stuff I have no interest on them knowing about me. You know, usual tumblr stuff.

But then I ventured inside the comments section and found a pleasant surprise!!!!! Let’s get started, shall we?

Marco Von Petra also posted a very nice comment and As Above So Below also thinks it’s okay to harass girls while “they’re vulnerable”.



Cate and Jose Rabago shared their opinions as well.


And let’s not forget Avedis K. Keshishian who definitely thought his opinion was very in order and absolutely necessary to point out.


I decided to report these comments and I was absolutely convinced Facebook would take care of it and delete them for my mental well-being.

I reported them under “harassment” and this time I did hear back from them!! Hallelujah!! Except… OH!

Thank you for taking the time to report something that you feel may violate our Community Standards. Reports like yours are an important part of making Facebook a safe and welcoming environment. We reviewed the comment you reported for harassment and found it doesn’t violate our Community Standards.

I’d like to point out this is the response I got 10 times for the 10 messages I reported that included the word rape in it. Let that sink in for a second.

There were 10 human beings who straight up admitted to wanting to rape me and when I tried to do something about this, Facebook told me I was wrong. This isn’t harassment, this doesn’t violate their community standards.

What pisses me off about this entire thing is not even that I got these upsetting comments. That’s not at all what bothers me, I’ve already been sexually abused and humiliated, these comments are nothing compared to the stuff I have to life with for the rest of my life. What really angers me is that this is now an acceptable behaviour. This is okay. These are socially acceptable comments and not even a website such as Facebook, who should be a little more concerned about the safety of their community, cares about the ones affected by these words.

Anyways, I would just really appreciate it if you could take a few minutes of your day to report these users, who definitely don’t deserve a bit of sympathy.

I’ve also reported Paulina’s reposts on Facebook, but nothing’s being done. These assholes are also stupid enough to comment that they’d commit an illegal act under their real names. What kind of a world do we live in? Apparently one where thousands of people are allowed to say such disgusting things about a girl on the internet and are allowed to roam freely, apparently.

It may be low, but you can always see if those people have family or significant others listed publicly on their profiles and, if so, message and link them to their loved one’s comments  so they can see just what kind of person they are. :P

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sometimes I can&#8217;t believe I&#8217;m related to certain people. :/

sometimes I can’t believe I’m related to certain people. :/

I don&#8217;t understand how some people think this is acceptable to post on a cosplayer&#8217;s page. what the actual fuck.
and by now you know me, I have to respond!

I don’t understand how some people think this is acceptable to post on a cosplayer’s page. what the actual fuck.

and by now you know me, I have to respond!





wtf just happened? I don’t see how my initial message was offensive at all.

I’m a horrible person and can’t not talk back oops


also, laughing 5ever because after this they blocked me. lololol

and now they’re shit talking me on their fanpage. whaaaat? They blocked me there as well but my friends are being awesome and posting the screen grab I took of our convo. lol


I normally say to “stay classy” with hate but she’s turning it around on me when I did nothing wrong, and I’m bored right now, so screw that.

If she was talking about someone else then holy shit she gets around with harassing people.

wtf just happened? I don’t see how my initial message was offensive at all.

Sometimes I really just need to take a step back from facebook and tell myself it’s not a good idea to snap at my cousin’s stupid friends.

Yes, let’s call a food gross even though we’ve never tried it, and when someone tells you not to judge if you haven’t tried it continue to say you never will try it because you don’t eat sugar and that it’s still gross, and THEN after someone tells you it’s good you STILL say you will never try it and that it’s still disgusting.

Yes. I need to take a step back or I will destroy this bitch.

I’m getting really fucking tired of this bullshit.

click to go to the facebook post. people are being assholes over a harmless cosplay, as usual.