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casually considering cutting off all my hair into a pixie cut before sac this weekend lmao

After my closing shift at work I decided I was too lazy to make food so I stopped by mcdonalds on my way home. As I pull into the parking lot I see a teenager riding his bike in circles in front of the drive through. I wait for him to move before driving forward, but before I can even get to order he pulls up next to my window and waves at me. I give him a no nonsense glare and motion for him to continue on. He keeps trying to get me to roll down my window to talk to him,and when I continue to ignore and wave him on, he gets frustrated, flips me off, and rides away. Me, as mature as ever, flips him off with both hands while mocking him with an exaggerated expression on my face.

Ended up pulling up to the first window and told the employee there. He apologized to me that it happened, called the kid a douche bag, and gave me extra pickles on my burger. Lol

My biggest pet peeve is liking something on the Facebook app and then seeing nothing is ‘like’d when the app reloads.

Living alone means you have the freedom to tell others you’ll be productive on your day off but in reality you can spend all day in your underwear watching parks and rec until you pass out at 4am

*makes post about 0 tolerance for lewd comments on my cospage*

*dude complains and argues against it*

*casually bans the manchild*

13 likes away from 6969 I can’t wait to see the beauty. Hahahaha

13 likes away from 6969 I can’t wait to see the beauty. Hahahaha

Anonymous said: Are you under the weather or ill? You look very skinny and pale in your recent photos. Can we help if you are feeling bad or poorly in terms of resources, gift cards, etc?

Yes I am, actually… ^__^; I’ve been having difficulties eating the proper amount of food lately due to rising expenses. I have an extremely high metabolism that hasn’t slowed down even for whatever reason, and my ideal diet is primarily meat, fruits, and vegetables which are unfortunately perishable and getting more expensive…

I’ve cut back on several cosplays, conventions, and events, and have been selling old cosplays and the rest of my items from Artist Alley on my storenvy, but it’s not always enough unfortunately.

As of late I’ve also been getting people spreading rumors about me which has discouraged me from posting a lot of my personal stuff here on tumblr(I still post some, but there’s a lot more super lame stuff going on). Saying I lied about my car getting stolen in order to swindle people out of money which is just outrageous since the people who helped the most financially when it happened were close friends of mine, not my facebook and tumblr followers. It’s all just been very discouraging and has put a bit of a damper on my health as well.

I do still have my paypal donation link set up on my profile, but a fee is taken out of it because that’s paypal… lol I don’t really know how online gift cards work but if you’re seriously interested in helping me then I won’t turn you down…. ;u;

your body spray is assaulting my nostrils I’m calling the cops

I always feel like shit when I have to call out of work. But I woke up this morning with an ear ache that progressively got worse until I finally went in an was told I had a really bad ear infection, most likely brought on by the ridiculous weather here recently…. While waiting for my prescription in the pharmacy I was in so much pain I felt like I was gonna vomit, and I was in tears by the time I was able to pay and finally leave.

I’ll just be laying here on the couch feeling like death as I attempt to hold enough food down to take my medications…. I don’t want to go into work….

As cool as it would be to be featured on a page with 114k followers, I do not like that the page is titled “Cosplays & Sexy Nerdy Girls” and is mostly ass shots and other photos of overly sexualized women and full of pervs in the comments… that’s not the kind of attention I want for my cosplay image or myself.

Also, fuuuuuuck I hate this s4s craze shit. Dx

Me: *flosses teeth 50 times a day a few days leading up to a dentist appointment*

Dentist: How often do you floss your teeth?

Me: Maybe once or twice a week.

Finally got my new Visa card in the mail… @___@ Now to edit my paypal, amazon, smud, comcast etc. with the new info so I can finally pay my bills…. lol

If you have beef with me, let’s talk it out like reasonable adults, not launch a personal attack on me on 4chan which my friends then refer me to before it gets promptly deleted. lol

Chances are, whatever problem you have with me is a big misunderstanding. If you’re skeptical about certain things I post, that’s understandable. Especially lately with my really bad luck because it is extremely ridiculous, I’ll admit. But, again, it’s likely just a misunderstanding and I would gladly explain it to you and show you proof if you’re there to listen and attempt to understand.

Welp. This year just continues to impress me in how shitty it’s getting. My visa card was used on the other side of the country for almost $200 and attempted to be used in several other states so it was deactivated. Of course this happens just as I’m leaving town and I only have $27 in my pocket….. Luckily I grabbed my check book so that’s something at least.

Cut my bangs. They’re shorter than they’ve been in a long time. haha oops.